Who is Rev. Franck Dumornay?​

Rev. Franck Dumornay Pastor Bible Teacher Sex Expert / Consultant Who is Rev. Franck Dumornay? He was born in a Christian Family, the first boy after three oldest sisters. His father was a pastor and teacher, his mother was a fervent servant of the Lord. She used to encourage her children to read the Bible and she even paid them money to read the Bible, because she knew the power of the word of God to change people’s lives in any situation. In one word she wants her children to become a better person. Thank God all of them never left the word of God and the Church. In the entire family, God granted Pastor Franck a special favor and chose him. That’s why he’s so blessed and excited to serve the Lord. God was never unfaithful to him but he was. Right now he’s leading a church as a Pastor, Pastor Dumornay cannot watch pornography, because it’s not good for the soul and it makes the Christian feels and looks very dirty before our holy God, and sometimes he or she does not feel like praying. It’s a disconnection. Pastor Franck has never been a pervert and now he is still not a pervert either. He is a real man of God, a man of prayer, a church leader, a husband, a wonderful father for his three daughters, and a good role model. He is a Christian married man that is living a great life with his family, married only one time never separated or divorced. To God be the Glory. So, this is the blessed man that God wants to train and teach couples by utilizing his knowledge and experience. “How to Get 100% Better Sex Between Married Couple” clearly explains in chapter five how to get real sex, great sex. So, get ready to learn, follow and apply.
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